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Types Of Orcas

Posted on 01 July, 2017 by Elia
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cbrtindia.com -Types Of Orcas Over the last few decades, as wild orca research has expanded, researchers have described different forms or types of orcas. Known as ecotypes, these distinct types of orcas differ in size, appearance, prey preferences, foraging techniques, dialects, behaviours, and social groups.

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Types Of Orcas whales. With their beautiful black-and-white coloration, orcas, also called killer whales, have an unmistakable appearance. They are toothed whales that gather in family-oriented pods of 10 to 50. They are popular animals for marine parks, a practice that is growing more controversial.

“what do you mean there are different types of killer whales?”. Type B have recently been split into two groups: pack ice killer whales which snack on seals around the outer pack ice; and smaller Gerlache killer whales which are penguin specialists. Type C or Ross Sea killer whales are piscivores, feeding mainly on fish and following channels or openings in the pack ice. Types B and C have a distinctive yellowish colour from diatoms on their skin, as well as a prominent dorsal cape.

There are more types of killer whales than you realized .... There are four types of orca in the waters of Antarctica: Type A, B, C and D. And, there are three types of orca in the North Pacific: resident, transient and offshore.

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