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Types Of Drives For Computers

Posted on 07 September, 2018 by Giulia
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cbrtindia.com -Types Of Drives For Computers The types of computer drives also counts CD drive or blue ray in its race. CD ROM is pre-pressed disc which contains the data. They have data and computers could only read them. It is unable for the computer system to write any kind of new data on them. You can find the rewritable CDs from the market.

1. Different Types Of Computer Hard Drives

 Different Types Of Computer Hard Drives  DownloadSource: tech4windows.blogspot.com

Types Of Drives For Computers k drives. These types of drives are the ones we refer to as Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) and Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics (EIDE) drives. These PATA drives were introduced by Western Digital back in 1986. They provided a common drive interface technology for connecting hard drives and other devices to computers.

Computer drives. Different Types of Drive. There are five basic drive types currently available: Hard Drive: this is a magnetic media device. It is the traditional non-volatile storage used by computers and is reasonably fast, able to store vast amounts of data and very competitive price-wise per Gb of storage.

Types of hard drives. The different types of hard drives there are depend on the kinds of computers that they are installed into. The thing that defines one hard drive from another is the amount of storage space that it can hold, the speed that it can transfer information from one appliance to another, and the type of computer that it is installed into.

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