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Stun Baton

Posted on 24 April, 2017 by Angelica
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cbrtindia.com -Stun Baton So Why do I need the Stun Baton Canada – Taser Flashlight ? Stun Baton Canada offers a unique and powerful LED flashlight combined with a high voltage electric shock for your everyday protection.

1. Baton Police

Baton Police  DownloadSource: batonpolice.wordpress.com

The incredible Stun Baton . Must be 18 to purchase. SPECIFICATIONS: -Flashlight - 120 Lumens -1,000,000 Volts Legal in Canada . Over 480mm in length. -All Metal (aluminum) baton construction -Rechargeable internal battery. -Comes with wall charger. -Carabiner style belt clip. SHIPPED FROM CANADA Can also be found at Tactical Gadgets

Electroshock weapon. A stun belt is a belt that is fastened around the subject's waist, leg, or arm that carries a battery and control pack, and contains features to stop the subject from unfastening or removing it.

Top 10 best stun baton reviews (buyer's guide, 2019). By: Streetwise Security Stun Batons; This streetwise wise stun button is known for its protection ability from even the fiercest dogs. The stun button will be up to the task when you meet the street dogs.

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