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Koenigsegg Car Types

Posted on 08 August, 2017 by Federico
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cbrtindia.com -Koenigsegg Car Types A New Heart. Koenigsegg’s first effort at engine development was so successful it saw the company awarded a Guinness World Record. The Koenigsegg CC8S replaced the McLaren F1 as the car with the most powerful production engine in the world.

1. Koenigsegg Ccxr Trevita Floyd Mayweather

Koenigsegg Ccxr Trevita Floyd Mayweather  DownloadSource: jennifer-thomas.net

Koenigsegg Car Types esko. The Koenigsegg Jesko is the company’s latest supercar, third megacar, and spiritual successor to the iconic Agera. Unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the Jesko boasts a power-to-weight

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