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Gta San Andreas Fastest Car

Posted on 04 August, 2017 by Salvatore
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cbrtindia.com -Gta San Andreas Fastest Car A: The Infernus is the fastest car in the fictional world of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas." Its top speed comes close to 156 mph. Its all-wheel drive system provides the Infernus a good front grip, but its heavy build and small wheels cause it to understeer.

1. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 2011 For Gta San Andreas

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 2011 For Gta San Andreas  DownloadSource: www.gtaall.com

Gta San Andreas Fastest Car s. GTA SA Fastest Cars, Infernus, Bullet, Cheetah, Elegy, Drift, Handling, Fast, Lowrider Cars, Offroad Vehicles, Tank, Slamvan, Monster Truck, Vortex and more!

Grand theft auto: san andreas answers for. There's a FAQ detailing the speeds of the cars. Its been proven that the Infernus and the HotRing Racer are the 2 fastest ground vehicles in the game, while the Lawnmower is the slowest.

Fandom powered by wikia. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. As the name implies, acceleration, speed, handling, and braking are among the best in the game. The Bullet is the third fastest car in GTA San Andreas, the first being the Infernus, and the second being the Turismo. Following the Bullet in speed is the Cheetah and Hotring Racer. Steering is very sharp and it has a fun, but still safe, oversteer. The car feels very lightweight and nimble. Acceleration is almost as good as the

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