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Grades Of Crude Oil

Posted on 14 May, 2018 by Federica
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cbrtindia.com -Grades Of Crude Oil ... Even with production of WTI crude oil in decline, WTI is often priced from to higher per barrel than “OPEC Basket” oil and on average, to higher per barrel than “Brent Blend” oils.

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Grades Of Crude Oil ude oil classification. Crude oil with low sulfur content is classified as “sweet;” crude oil with a higher sulfur content is classified as “sour.” Sulfur content is considered an undesirable characteristic with respect to both processing and end-product quality.

Mckinsey energy insights. Crude grades. Crude oil comes in hundreds of different varieties or "grades." These grades are valued differently by refiners based on their crude qualities.

Grades of crude oil. Many readers asked why London Brent crude futures price is always lower than Nymex WTI crude oil price. There's nothing related to exchange rate but quality of oil.

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