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Gear Grease Types

Posted on 27 September, 2017 by Sara
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cbrtindia.com -Gear Grease Types Specifically, i t ' s an aluminum-complex grease, and this type of grease has excellent performance when there's a chance of water contamination, like on your trailer.

1. Tow Professional

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Gear Grease Types e and grease selection. Different types of greases are typically formulated with three grease components: base oil, thickener and additives. The base oil lubricates, reducing friction between moving surfaces; this is exactly the same role that the base oil plays in a lubricant oil.

Lubrication of gears. Sometimes, for maintenance reasons, a grease lubricant is used even with high speed. Table 13.1 presents lubricants, methods and their applicable ranges of speed. Grease lubrication can be applied in low speed / low load applications, however, it is important to apply grease periodically, especially for gears of the open-type usage. Since lubricants diminish or become depleted in the long term, periodic checks for oil change or refilling is necessary. Usage of lubricants under improper

Lubrication selection for enclosed gear drives. The four types of industrial gear lubricants that could be used in the lubrication of industrial gear drives include rust and oxidation (R&O) inhibited oils, extreme pressure (EP) gear oils, compounded gear oils, and synthetic gear oils.

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