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Fishing Rod Handle Types

Posted on 13 March, 2019 by Cecilia
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cbrtindia.com -Fishing Rod Handle Types Rod Handle Types. This handle is perfect for heavy duty rods such as swimbait or frog rods. The longer handle allows for more leverage when setting the hook and fighting fish, while the enlarged butt section helps to balance these heavy duty rods in your hands, providing more comfort while fishing. See the chart below for handle lengths on individual models.

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Fishing Rod Handle Types ng rod. There are a variety of rod handle types available: cork, EVA foam, or a combination of the two. Some anglers prefer the feel of cork to EVA foam. Both are very light and easy to grip. Proper handle length depends on the type of casting. Longer handles help with heavy baits and long casts because they allow an angler to use two hands to generate a lot of load and forward force when casting. For short casts with lighter baits, short handles allow for one-handed or roll casting to targets

Fishing rod grips & handles. Fishing Rod Grips: Cork, EVA & More Selecting the fishing rod handle and grip that best marries your fishing application will provide anglers the most performance, most comfort, and most enjoyment. Choose from our incredible selection of Cork, EVA, and Hypalon materials, and browse our even wider selection of styles for freshwater, fly, ice, and saltwater fishing applications.

Signaturefishingrods.com. Various types of rod handles are matched with each custom fishing rod offered by Signaturefishingrods.com to provide comfort, balance and consistency with the overall design of the fishing rod.

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