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Diffrent Types Of Keys

Posted on 27 November, 2018 by Tommaso
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cbrtindia.com -Diffrent Types Of Keys The many types of keys are often divided up by their use. Examples include car keys, hotel keys, padlock keys, house keys, diary keys and furniture keys.

1. Different Types Of Keys

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Diffrent Types Of Keys ategories of keys on a keyboard .... Pretty much all computer keyboards include some of the same keyboard keys, including letters, numbers and special symbols. Some also have special function and command types of keyboard keys that can be used to give commands to a computer rather than simply for typing.

Different types of database keys. Different Types Of Database Keys. Key – One or more columns in a database table that is used to sort and/or identify rows in a table. e.g. if you were sorting people by the field salary then the salary field is the key. Primary key. A primary key is a one or more fields that uniquely identifies a row in a table.

Types of keys. Lets discuss each type in detail: Candidate Key. Candidate key is a key of a table which can be selected as a primary key of the table. A table can have multiple candidate keys, out of which one can be selected as a primary key. Example: Employee_Id, License_Number and Passport_Number are candidate keys. Primary Key

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