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Posted on 15 February, 2018 by Alessandro
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cbrtindia.com -Cow The word cow is easy to use when a singular is needed and the sex is unknown or irrelevant—when "there is a cow in the road", for example. Further, any herd of fully mature cattle in or near a pasture is statistically likely to consist mostly of cows, so the term is probably accurate even in the restrictive sense.

1. How Cows Are Helping

 How Cows Are Helping  DownloadSource: time.com

Definition of Cow by merriam-webster. Cow definition is - the mature female of cattle (genus Bos). How to use cow in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of cow.

Define cow at dictionary.com. Cow definition, the mature female of a bovine animal, especially of the genus Bos. See more.

Cows & cows & cows. surreal bovine choreography. No cows were harmed during the making of this video, though their future prospects probably aren't as optimistic. music is avail

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