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Car Tyres Types Uk

Posted on 18 March, 2017 by Celeste
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cbrtindia.com -Car Tyres Types Uk This guide lists the main types of car tyres available in the UK. The type of tyre that you have on your car all depends on how you use, or how you plan to use it.

1. Different Types Of Tyres

Different Types Of Tyres  DownloadSource: www.cardekho.com

Car Tyres Types Uk lassification guide. Tyre Type Information for Your Car and Van. As your vehicle’s only contact point with the road, the tyres you use need to be appropriate for your vehicle’s size and weight, as well as the surface on which they run. This comprehensive guide includes information on: Tyre types and classifications.

Maxxis tyres uk. Any car less than 20 years old, should be fitted with radial tyres. Never mix radial and non-radial tyres. It could lead to poor handling and loss of vehicle control. TYPES OF TYRE - CATEGORIES. Standard car tyres usually have a symmetrical pattern running across the entire tread. Some high performance cars however are fitted with tyres with special tread patterns. These asymmetric and directional tyres must be fitted the right way round on the wheel. Incorrect fitting of both is a reason

Different types of car tyres explained. Although you may think tyres are simply the bits of rubber that keep your car on the road, they can actually be very high-tech pieces of kit. There are many types of tyres you can fit to your car, with some being suited to certain conditions more than others.

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