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Car Antifreeze Types

Posted on 11 December, 2018 by Noemi
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cbrtindia.com -Car Antifreeze Types Many times, the coolant is actually branded for the car you’re going to put it in. For example, Honda sells its Type 2 Antifreeze/Coolant in all its dealers. Plenty of others like BMW and

1. Antifreeze & Coolant.

Antifreeze & Coolant.  DownloadSource: www.drivetecautoparts.com

Car Antifreeze Types or every vehicle 2018. Much like engine oils, the differences between different coolant types is a bit of a mystery for most drivers. At most, knowing "one has the green stuff, some others have pink, blue, or red stuff" is about as far as it goes — and that includes most real car geeks as well.

Understanding the different antifreeze types for your car .... Are you looking for the right engine coolant for your car? Keep on reading this post to know the different antifreeze types and how they’re made.

Choosing the right type for your car. Are antifreeze and coolant the same thing? Should engine coolant be orange, green or a different color? This article will help answer these questions and more.

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