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Blaze Ferret

Posted on 20 April, 2019 by Eleonora
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Different colors & patterns + pictures. Blaze - The blaze pattern is easily one of the most complicated patterns in terms of identifying traits. On the head of a Blaze Ferret , there is a long white stripe or "blaze" that runs from the forehead to between the ears and down the back of the neck to the shoulders.

Ferret colors, types and patterns. Blaze ferrets have a coat of varied colors (almost all ferret colors except white.) They also have a white stripe running from their eyes to the neck. This type supports a chest of white hair that is known as its bib and has mitts as well.

What different colors of ferrets exist. Blaze ferrets can be SABLE in color for instance, but have a light stripe down their forehead, a white bib and usually white feet. Spotted and Striped Ferrets Usually striped ferrets are black eyed whites with a stripe down the back and/or tail.

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