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Amplifier Audio Bulb

Posted on 07 March, 2017 by Tommaso
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cbrtindia.com -Amplifier Audio Bulb How to test old CFL light bulb Transistor & make audio amplifier, diy projects ideas. Today i will show you how to test old cfl light bulb circuit transistor and make powerful diy audio amplifier

1. 1 Watt Guitar Class A Amplifier With A Light Bulb

 1 Watt Guitar Class A Amplifier With A Light Bulb  DownloadSource: www.diale.org

Amplifier Audio Bulb amplifier. The Audio amplifier in this video is not fake video You can also make it You don't want to buy transistor for this,There is a transistor inside old CFL lamb also watch simple soldering iron with

Load lamp safely allows safer electronic testing. With the load lamp attached (100-watt bulb) he found his negative side of the bi-polar supply missing. Fig. 4 (above) is the power supply he built and it was wired wrong. He rewired the supply and the amp started working. With no audio input the bulb glowed dimly and the power supply was reading 35 volts on each polarity. That is normal because the voltage drop due to idle current was consumed

Audio amplifiers. Increasing the voltage to 12 VDC, replacing the bulb with a 3 watt, 16 ohm speaker and replacing the .01uF with a 1uF gives an audio amp that will deliver nearly 1 watt of audio power. The speaker will get warm, however! (Due to the nearly 2 watts of DC power in the speaker coil.)

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